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New round of 4 interviews shot!

Yesterday we shot 4 awesome interviews at the Hedge House, and the project keeps getting more fun and exciting. I’ll post some clips in the near future of our interviews with Rui Santos, Midge Cronin, Everett Lanman, and Annette Talbot. Here’s a photo from our interview with Everett (left), who among lots of other things, told us about seeing Satchel Paige pitch a game in New Hampshire.

Just finished shooting the second day of interviews!

This past Friday, we shot our 2nd group interview for the project. We had a fantastic conversation about the earlier years of the PAS with Helen Chadwick, Alice Brewer, and Lucia Woods, which will be posted in full here on the web site pretty soon.

Last Sunday we kicked off our first round of interviews with a group conversation with Linda Doll, Mercy Barnes Moore, Ginny Davis, and Souther Barnes, followed by individual interviews with PAS treasurer Ginny Davis, and former PAS president Gen Yaeger.

Sample videos and full uncut interviews will be posted soon!