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    Four String Films makes music videos, short films, web series and cinematic commercial work. Based in southeast Massachusetts, we collaborate with local musicians and businesses to craft artful videos to help bring their music and stories to the world. We grew out of Brewster Productions and the local music scene, so we have a special place in our hearts (and schedule) for local indie artists.


    On the set of ‘Deep In the Dirt’, cinematographer Ingrid Stobbe (left) and director Jon Dorn (center).


    We love to tell stories.

    Storytelling is our artform of choice.  People make sense of the world by reading, watching, hearing, and telling stories. At Four String Films, we tell stories through film and video – we create work for ourselves, our clients, and the community. Whether it’s a music video, a company portrait, or satirical campaign commercial, if we’re telling a story, we’re happy.

  • sully-crew

    Crew member Harrison Quinn reflects light onto Andrew Carleen as “Sully”.


    Jon Dorn – Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Animator. Jon leads the operation at Four String Films, serving as director and editor for all of our projects. In addition to his work with FSF, Jon has taught film and media production at Emerson College, Community College of Rhode Island, Bridgewater State University and Cambridge Community Television. He’s also a cartoonist. When not working, he likes to hike in the Adirondacks, fish in Massachusetts and eat cookies anywhere.

    > Read Jon’s posts in the Four String Films blog.

    Frequent Collaborators
    Eva Walsh – Composer, Music at The String Garden
    Ingrid StobbeCinematographer
    Andrew Carleen
    – Writer, Producer, Production Crew
    Scott McEwen – Sound Recordist, Producer, Production Crew
    Harrison Quinn – Production Crew