Grace Morrison: “Mothers” (official music video)

Crowes Pasture: “Madison” / “Pictures of You”

Carlin Tripp: “Let Me Be Your Man” (official lyric video)

Grace Morrison: “Reasons” / “Hide, Hide, Hide”

The Big Lonesome : “Everytown USA”

The Big Lonesome: “Dummy” / “The Girl”

CelloBello ‘ForTeachers’ Series

Molly Brulé: “Band-Aids”

Dave Richardson: “Open My Eyes”

Crowes Pasture: “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” / “Grant’s Song”

El Sistema Collaboration: Johnson String Project & La Scala

Acoustic Nights 2017 Trailer

Cello Bello: Lessons and Interviews

Bow Series: How A Bow Is Made

Sparrow Blue – Live & Local

Glynn Electric: Company Portrait

Glynn Electric: Honesty, Integrity Assured

Sully for President 2016

Kingsley Flood: “To the Wolves” (official music video)

Bow Series: Intro to Bow Strokes

Bow Series: Selecting A Bow

Steve Smith: “Days Go By”

Brewster: “Spoiler Alert”

Carlin Tripp: “Jack In The Night” (official music video)

Jenee Halstead: “Taste Me”

The Vinegar Flies: “Snake River Reel” / “Carroll County Blues”

Eva Walsh: “When I Grow Up”

Johnson String Instrument Rental Program

Johnson String Project & El Sistema

Shields Health Solutions: Entrepreneur of the Year Award b-roll footage

Brewster: Acoustic Nights Kickstarter Campaign

Brewster: “All In The Brewster”

Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce: It Works For Everybody

Eva Walsh: “Bittersweetheart” Kickstarter Video

Brewster: “Buried In Snow”

Brewster: “Cabin Fever”

Jo Henley: “Deep In the Dirt” (official music video)

It’s All Here On the South Shore

Billington Sea: “Goodbye Old Friend”

Jo Henley: “Inside Out” / “Bayley Hazen Road”

Dave Richardson: “Watching Clocks” / “Traveling So Far”

Carlin Tripp: “Hands of Love”

Mark Whitaker: “When the Weather Breaks” (official music video)

Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard: “Never Seen Runaway” (official music video)

Jake Hill & Deep Creek: “Hey Bettsy” (official music video)

The Okay Win: “Please” (official music video)

Antiquarian: The Story of Preserving Plymouth

Sully For America (series)

Hayley Sabella: “Easter Song”

Port of Plymouth

Brewster: “Gimli vs. Aragorn”

Hayley Sabella: “Farm Fingers”

The Spire Center for Performing Arts Sound System Fundraiser

Brewster: “Well, Let’s Get To Work”

The Big Lonesome: “Undone” Kickstarter Video