Brewster: Acoustic Nights Kickstarter Campaign

For our sister company Brewster Productions’ 2015 Acoustic Nights Summer Concert Series, we mounted a successful tongue-in-cheek Kickstarter campaign, raising $2,000 to support the concert series. You can read our full blog post about the campaign, but here’s the gist: Part of Brewster’s brand is our tendency toward comedy and odd promotional videos, so why make a serious Kickstarter video? We decided that our Kickstarter campaign would be a comedic story in itself, so we launched it with a video offering a simple ultimatum: “We need to raise $2,000 or we’re selling all our equipment and buying a jet ski.”

Launch video “Jet Ski”

Update #1: “Pledge Drive”

Update #2: “Good Luck Charm”

Update #3: “NBA Jam”