Bow Series: How A Bow Is Made

From the timber of Brazil to the timbre of your strings, this is how a bow is made.

Part 3 of The Bow Series, a presentation of Carriage House Violins. Digitally animated and live action educational short about the making of a violin bow, with a detailed look at the international cast of materials that go into the process, and interview with bowmaker Jon Crumrine. Featuring cartoons by Jon Dorn, and performance footage of Eric Silberger from earlier installments of The Bow Series.

Full Video Credits:

Director, animator, editor, sound designer, co-writer, cinematographer: Jon Dorn
Written by Silvija Kristapsons
Executive Producers: Silvija Kristapsons & Maureen Wall
Narration performed and recorded by Eva Walsh
Featuring Jon Crumrine and Eric Silberger
Music: Grand duo concertant sur le ‘Le marin’, S.128; composed by Franz Liszt; performed by Constantino Catena and Mauro Tortorelli; used under CC-BY 3.0 license
Sound effects: Jon Dorn; via by nicStage, brendan89,, 3bagbrew and sinatra314 under CC-BY 3.0 license
Still images: Jon Dorn, Carriage House Violins, Pixabay, and James St. John (under CC-BY 2.0 license)

A production of Four String Films –