Sully For America (series)

Sully For America (2012 – present)

sullyaxeJohn Fitzgerald O’Sullivan, aka Sully, is a true man of the people – he knows the struggles of the ordinary Massachusetts resident, and only cares about one thing: The Issues.

Sully For America is a satirical web series created by Andrew Carleen and Jon Dorn.

1. Sully For President (Nov. 2012)
2. Sully For Senate, part 1: Campaign Launch (May 2013)
3. Sully For Senate, part 2: Fighting For Massachusetts (June 2013)
4. Sully For Senate, part 3: A Message For My Opponents (June 2013)
5. Sully For Senate, part 4: A Pillar of the Community (June 2013)
6. Sully For Governor (October 2014)