Crowes Pasture: “Madison” / “Pictures of You”

Crowes Pasture performs their songs “Madison” (above) and “Pictures of You” (below) live at the Waban Library Center, Newton, MA,...

Grace Morrison: “Reasons” / “Hide, Hide, Hide”

Live & Local session with Grace Morrison, featuring Sam Babineau and John Baptista. Video by Jon Dorn.  

The Big Lonesome : “Everytown USA”

We sat down with indie rock band The Big Lonesome in Providence for a live session and interview in support...

The Big Lonesome: “Dummy” / “The Girl”

We met up with indie rock band The Big Lonesome in Providence for a live session in support of their...

Molly Brulé: “Band-Aids”

Molly Brulé performs her song, “Band-Aids” live at Weir River Farm in Hingham, MA, accompanied by Eva Walsh (violin) and...

Dave Richardson: “Open My Eyes”

Dave Richardson performs his song, “Open My Eyes” live on Palmer Street in Harvards Square, Cambridge, MA. Video by Jon...

Crowes Pasture: “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” / “Grant’s Song”

Crowes Pasture performs a cover of Bob Dylan’s song, “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” live at Haskell Public Gardens in...

Sparrow Blue – Live & Local

Live session videos with folk/string duo Sparrow Blue, shot near Sandy Neck Beach, Cape Cod. Director, cinematographer, editor: Jon Dorn.

Steve Smith: “Days Go By”

Dirty Vegas lead singer Steve Smith performs his Grammy award-winning song, “Days Go By”, accompanied by Eva Walsh on violin.

Jenee Halstead: “Taste Me”

Recorded live at 37′ Productions in Rockland, MA. Official entry in the NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest.

The Vinegar Flies: “Snake River Reel” / “Carroll County Blues”

Recorded live Somerville, MA. Cinematography by Jon Dorn, sound/mix by Dan Bui.

Eva Walsh: “When I Grow Up”

A live performance video of Eva Walsh‘s new song “When I Grow Up”, on location at White’s Pond in South...

Dave Richardson: “Watching Clocks” / “Traveling So Far”

We had the pleasure of heading up to the woods of Maine to shoot these two live performance videos with...

Carlin Tripp: “Hands of Love”

Recorded live at Holmes Farm in Plymouth, Mass.

Hayley Sabella: “Easter Song”

Hayley Sabella: “Farm Fingers”

Recorded live at Soule Homestead in Middleboro, Mass.

The Spire Center for Performing Arts Sound System Fundraiser

Featuring an early rendition of Billington Sea’s “Go Away” – before they were known as Billington Sea – Jake Hill...