• The Live & Local Video Package

    A special deal for musicians in eastern Massachusetts.

  • Great song, simple video.

    Professional videos are essential for professional musicians, but they can get expensive. Just for our fellow eastern Massachusetts-area bands and solo artists, we’re offering a package of live-recorded videos for a low flat rate.

    What you get: Up to 3 HD videos. What it costs: $400, flat rate.
    (Additional fees apply for extra travel or extra videos)

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  • How it works

    It’s a straightforward process – after we have our initial email conversation about the videos, we’ll sort out the details:

    Step 1: Plan a date and location. We love filming these outside in interesting spots, so we’ll scope out some locations, decide on one, and then schedule part of a day to meet up and shoot. We’ll also send you an invoice for the project, which can be paid by check, Venmo or PayPal on the day of filming.

    Step 2: Filming. We’ll meet at the location and setup our equipment (usually takes 30-45 minutes) while you get warmed up. Once the lighting is all set and the microphones are in position, we’ll film you performing 3 songs – we shoot this one song at a time, with as many takes as you need. The whole thing should take around 3 or 4 hours.

    Step 3: Editing. We’ll sync the audio and video, do some color correction, make some nice titles and credits, then we’ll send them along to you with a private Vimeo link to be approved. Once approved, we’ll send you the final 1080p HD MP4 video files via Dropbox.

    Step 4: Share with the world. Download the files we send you, then upload them to Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook or any video streaming service. Then the rest is up to you to get the word out! We’ll share the videos ourselves once you release them.

  • evawalshband-danehy-chrisheller

    That’s me on the cajon, playing with Eva Walsh’s band (including Chris Sartori and Mark Whitaker) at the Danehy Park Summer Concert Series. Photo by Chris Heller.


    For my fellow music people: A note from Jon

    Hey, I’m Jon. I’m a musician in the community – I play cajon, bass, and occasional guitar with a couple groups in the Boston area. I managed the community programming at Passim for three years and, with our sister company Brewster Productions, I’ve helped to run indie-focused concert series in Plymouth since 2007. All this is to say I know the professional challenges faced by local musicians, and I want to offer Four String Films’ video services to my local comrades at a low enough price that it feels worthwhile to them. We’ve got a great music community here, and I want to help show it off to everyone!

    Jon Dorn, co-owner Four String Films




    Artists include: The Big Lonesome, Molly Brulé, Dave Richardson, Sparrow Blue, Steve Smith (Dirty Vegas), Jenee Halstead, Vinegar Flies, Crowes Pasture, Eva Walsh, Carlin Tripp, Hayley Sabella