Press release: Four String Films introduces ‘Live & Local’ video service for Mass. musicians

Plymouth, Mass – Four String Films has announced a new discount video production service specifically for local musicians.

The Live & Local Music Video Package offers production of session-style live performance videos for an affordable rate. Detailed information can be found here:

“Local music has been our focus for a long time with our sister company, Brewster Productions,” said owner Jon Dorn.“Plus, I’m a musician myself and I know the challenges involved with sharing original music with potential fans.”

Brewster Productions has produced summer concerts in Plymouth since 2007, including Acoustic Nights and the Barn Show Music Series, providing paid gigs to scores of local artists.

Dorn emphasized Four String Films’ focus on the music community. “We want to help musicians get their music out in the world, so we’re offering this service to local artists at cost. The theory is we offer it at a low enough price that it’s worthwhile for the musicians, and if we do a whole bunch of them it’ll be financially worthwhile to us,” said Dorn. “Making money is not the goal here. We do other things to make money – this is something we hope will help our colleagues in the community.”

While this is a new offering from Four String Films, they have produced similar videos in the past for The Vinegar Flies, Jenee Halstead, Eva Walsh, Dave Richardson, Hayley Sabella, and Carlin Tripp.

Jon Dorn