Workshop 5/11: DIY Digital Video for Small Businesses (Plymouth Chamber of Commerce)

We’re offering a new workshop at the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce on May 11th. Sign up here and check out the info below – I hope you’ll join me for a fun morning of video talk:

Does your business have great ideas, but a small budget? Join Four String Films’ Jon Dorn for a morning workshop on do-it-yourself video production, geared toward small businesses.

At this workshop you will learn how to create, edit, and post interesting video content online with in-house resources.
This will involve techniques for conceiving and producing high quality videos with a smartphone in a way that utilizes the tools in the best way possible, the technical aspects of filming and editing, plus how to engage audiences with various types of distribution (blogs, video series, etc).

Contact us about a private on-site workshop for your employees.

Jon Dorn