Brewster: The making of “Spoiler Alert”

A few Sundays back, we got together to make our 2016 summer concert series announcement video, but we didn’t have anything planned. We sat around, eating and brainstorming, until an idea came to us: It was an old inside joke – a deliberately dumb video idea – where we inexplicably realize that one of us is a ghost. A couple extrapolations later and Harry, Scott, and Andrew were sitting on the couch watching The Sixth Sense (while Andrew live-tweeted our “first” watching of the movie), continuing Brewster’s Always Sunny-inspired slacker narrative.

IMG_0770_WEBThe setup was pretty simple: Lots of natural light, a couple 200-watt lights with CTB gel and diffusion, a boom mic over the three gents on the couch, and the camera at a low angle behind the coffee table. We put the movie up on the screen without sound, so Scott, Andrew, and Harry could react to the images as they watched, but I got the TV reverse shots later at a different location. After the big Sixth Sense twist happens, Andrew naturally wonders, “what if one of us is a ghost?” Then we embarked on a series of simple and fun to shoot visual gags, in which the guys test their “ghost” hypothesis.

It turns out none of them are ghosts, and they live on to be surprised by another ubiquitous movie plot twist.

Oh, and the other joke is that any of us have “free time”.

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Jon Dorn